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Day 3
The Artistic Preference Scale

As an artist, you get involved into a lot of things. You chase your artistic profession, your fame, world class songs, all of these is important as so, we’ll be looking at how you can focus on the important.

Every Artist wants to be heard.
As an artist, if you’re centered around a lot of things you’ll miss it.
Defining your process makes your strive for the top easy. It’s true you have to work on a lot of things, but you have to break your dreams into bits.

Just the same way you cant lit a dark room without carrying out an action, same way you can’t get to the top without doing a specific action, consistently.
You need to define your vision with goals & working on these goals in bits to accomplish great feats(dreams).

Doing Everything is doing nothing. Doing One thing is being focused on a course. This doesn’t mean there is no place for multitasking but truth is You can only achieve prompt greatness when you define your priorities, knowing which one comes before the others.

Doing Everything is doing nothing. Doing One thing is being focused on a course. This doesn’t mean there is no place for multitasking but truth is You can only achieve prompt greatness when you define your priorities, knowing which one comes before the others.

It’s common in Africa, where you have a growing artists not focusing on Voice Development or Creating His/Her Niche. They get always plan on getting an album produced, lunching it, getting funds & going over the same process over again. This is So Wrong!

You can’t tell me the process of writing a book is by Printing Copies… No!
There is a process.
Getting an Album In “our” circle of mediocrity, This is what “we” call “Growth”.
I’ll disagree to this any day!

What we Africans fail to understand is that No professional artist had money at the back of their minds in their journey to stardom. The music industry requires a lot of investments, until you’re ready, you can’t be a professional in the industry.

What is expedient to do as a growing artist is:
1. Getting your Voice Ready
2. Creating your niche
3. Building your Fan Base
What ever you do should rally round These things irrespective of the society you belong and your kind of music.

Techniques on How to get your Voice ready depends on what works for you. Examine your voice and be sure of what works for you. Click on this link to read about “The Singers’ Instrument”

Your fan base is the most valuable asset you can get as an artist. Your fan base comprises of People who love what you do, who believe in you. They are your first marketers. Once they love what you do, they get to sell you to anybody they come across.

Your fan base is the most valuable asset you can get as an artist. Your fan base comprises of People who love what you do, who believe in you. They are your first marketers. Once they love what you do, they get to sell you to anybody they come across.

Your fan base is the most valuable asset you can get as an artist. Your fan base comprises of People who love what you do, who believe in you. They are your first marketers. Once they love what you do, they get to sell you to anybody they come across.

Focusing on releasing singles should be the priority of any growing artist.
Releasing singles comes with a lot of benefits:
•It Announces you as an artist anytime you do.
•Builds your Dimension of Music on their minds.
•Grants you exposure as an upcoming artist.

Conclusively, There’s never a time where you out grow the release of singles. It follows you down to being a professional. Making plans to release your songs as singles is an investment a lot of growing artist seem not to understand.

We’ve come to the peak of today’s interaction. Remember: It’s still beautiful to have a big picture thinking but breaking it down into achievable processes based on the most important helps you record more successes. Always get focused.

It will be my pleasure to have you tweet at us or drop your questions & contributions.
I am glad you were part of today’s edition. Join me same time next week for a more productive discussion as we look at: “BUDGET OF RHYTHMS”
Enjoy The Rest Of The Week!





Izurukaeme an igbo word which means More than enough is a song that expresses the awesomeness of God. In this debut single, Ugochuwku Udeh pours out his expression of love to the most High God in worship and adoration of who He is. It is one song that will get you into the worship of God.

Ugochukwu expresses his thought on the song saying “for the God who took me from grass to grace in just a twinkling of an eye. The one who considers me worthy to be favoured. I return all the worship. He is a God whose understanding is unsearchable. The one who knows the end from the beginning. Izurukaeme Chukwuoma (You are worthy good God)’.


Day 2 The Singers Instrument Good: A recap of Music Traces by MacNuel Davids

Day 2 The Singers Instrument Good

Afternoon Everyone! I trust you’re making exploits in all your daily Endeavors. Welcome to another Edition of Music Traces! Today discussion is centered around “THE SINGERS INSTRUMENT” Behind the accolades an artist gets for his performance, there are a lot of instruments blended together to produce a beautiful sound irrespective of the type of music.

All musical instruments are vital to a singer or a vocalist because the singer recognizes that they compliment his craft of singing. but that which the Singer/Vocalist possesses that is Very paramount is “THE VOICE”. The singers instrument is not the Mic he/she can control, the keyboard they know how to play with, the strings of the guitar that sounds heavenly, No! The Singers Instrument is the Voice!

The Voice is the singers Instrument. The Voice is The Music. The Voice is a singers sound, the music the singer creates is surrounded by the VOICE. Every other instrument only adds to the Rhythm and harmony which the Voice Sings out. It is therefore Expedient and wise for one whose interest lies in the musical boundaries or has vocal capabilities to nurture this VOICE, make it ready for use and present an excellent delivery when called upon. To sing like a professional, You have to be deliberate about it. You have to Earn a good VOICE to be a professional and Earning this good VOICE comes as a result of constant Handwork and Rehearsals. You cannot be a professional Artist without having excellence radiating in your voice. You cannot possess what you don’t process. To belong to the Top requires that You work your way through. Any Professional you see out there passed through processes – Trainings. If you stop at “assuming” training, you’ll never end up at having a good VOICE.

You ought to work on your self in a way creating your sound and creating your niche. Each note you practice out today, translates into a rhythm tomorrow. You can sound like someone else and be phenomenal. But you can’t sound like someone else and build your brand. This doesn’t mean there’s no place of imitation. Imitation Would always be the springboard to originality. You’ve also got to work! Just like an instrumentalist always looks out for maintenance measures to take to keep their instruments good & always ready for use, so also should A Singer should Always look out for tips on how to be vocally ready Before & after every performance. There are numerous dimensions and ways to maintain ones VOICE and these Procedures are not applicable to everyone. From the basics, you’ll you have to find out which of them works well for you and how you can constantly go through them without missing a period. Moreover, there are some universal VOICE developing techniques that works for everyone like; Drinking lots of water, exercising & Lip rolling. These techniques may look complex & difficult to constantly carry out, but gets simple when you finally decide to start. No one gets better by not trying. Results is the reward for hard work. You want a good VOICE, WORK! Don’t rely on your singing capabilities, they may fail you, YES THEY CAN!! Always look out for ways to develop your vocal dexterities to enable you sound phenomenal. To develop and groom a good voice, I’ll recommend; you constantly search for trending materials on VOICE training, practice them, monitor your voice and set up listening sessions. SEARCH FOR TRENDING MATERIALS ON VOICE TRAINING: the internet is your resource, Always Use it. Get relevant Articles and videos from YouTube. They help so well and would give you directions! PRACTICE ALONGSIDE MATERIALS: It’s not enough to get these materials. Watch the videos and do as they instruct. Also watch rehearsal clips of A-C List Artists & understand how you can apply what you learn. Read the Articles & follow the directives, it will help too. MONITOR YOUR VOICE; Always record your rehearsal sessions When practicing & pay grasp attention to your VOICE, track the growth. With these you can tell if you’re getting better or not. If you’re not, it means You probably need new techniques.

#MusicTraces SET UP LISTENING SESSIONS sometimes you can’t tell how better you’re getting. Superb if you have a Voice Trainer but if you don’t, friends & family can help out. After each session ensure to get feed backs from them & compare the feed backs to see how better you’re getting. Conclusively, Consistency is Key to Having Great Vocals. The Voice of a Singer is the Singers Instrument and for this voice to become a renown tools, it has to be developed with what is trendy, worked on consistently with all diligence. I believe you have a better understanding of the singers major instrument being the voice and constantly working on the development of the voice in a way creating your own niche. Thank you for connecting! I expect to have you tweet at me or comment your questions and contributions. I am glad you were part of today’s edition of Music Traces.

Join McNuel Davids same time next week for a more productive discussion as we look at: “THE ARTISTIC PREFERENCE SCALE” #MusicTraces You missed last weeks edition of Music Traces? We’ve got you covered! Kindly Click on this link to have a review of the conversation on “THE MUSIC, OUR MINDSET”



Thanksgiving and Praise is something you never give in excess and when it is directed at the Most High God, then you must do it joyfully as that is the only offering He inhabits in. Naraekele is a song that pours out thanksgiving to God for His good tidings. This song also expresses who God is and why He deserves our praise.

Mista Fave expresses his thoughts on the song saying, ‘I needed to write a new song and every time I brought out my pen and paper all that comes to heart was thanksgiving and praise, the result of those experiences is ‘Naraekele’. The song has blessed me personally and continues to. Naraekele is one sound God gave me that I am yet to recover from’.






Starting the year with a heart of gratitude comes this exceptional praise song from Harmony and Mista Fave titled ANYA. Anya is superb blend of three local Nigerian vernacular all combined in expression of gratitude to God. The song gives you that feeling to dance nonstop in praise to the almighty God.

Apro, one of Nigeria’s finest gospel producers, made a decent delivery of the platform upon which ANYA lyrics fell on. I am very confident that you’d love the song.

For Harmony, ‘ANYA is a song of gratitude to God. Notwithstanding the devises of the enemy, if you ever lost anything, God is the reason why you didn’t lose everything. ANYA is in appreciation to God for everything.”



Recap Tweets Of MacNuel Davids Music Traces @macnueldavids

Recap Tweets Of MacNuel Davids Music Traces @macnueldavids The Music, Our Mindset; Today, We’ll get to see how your mindset influences or affects your sound and kind of music. Feel free to always tweet at me, retweet, share, comment, like, ask questions and contribute. I’m your resource, Use me. We are Set?! Lets Ride! Aside music being a blend of Notes and Chords using diverse instruments including vocal delivery. Music is an art, that conveys and expresses our personality, thoughts, ideas and Mindset in a rhythmic way. From the first note played on a song, to the last stroking of the snare, your idea & mindset finds expression on the song. This mindset that transcends into the song is sometimes also brought about by the producer’s idea about genres which is always limited. In some songs, you get to have multiple mindsets trying to dominate from the artistes zone or the producers’. Except when you have an artist do a song not written or composed by him/her, you get to have a feel of the mindset behind the song from the lyrical content. As an artist, what you do, what you listen to, where you go, and generally your ideology about life replicates in the songs you sing regardless of the genre of the song you’re doing. The style of A genre of music can never be changed. What is always usually changed is the mindset & approach of the artist on the song. That is what brought about AfroPop. Where you have a feel of the African rhythm blending with the ancient Pop music making it contemporary. You can’t have Jim Reeves do a rendition of Amazing Grace like Michael W. Smith. This is because the mindset behind their style of music which has metamorphosed into what we call contemporary today. Just same way you can’t have 50cent do RNB like R.Kelly. The point is this; The music itself does not change. What changes is our mindset to do the same music in a better and unique way. That is what makes it contemporary. if the music does not change but the mindset, it’s the duty of the artist & the producer to constantly develop what they feed on & In the process this bring about the creativity of the artist, which the producer then translates into the “creating” the song. Now How can the right mindset even be developed? -Constant Periodic Rehearsals -Exploration -Believing in your vocal capabilities -Feeding on Ethical Things -Being true to your sound -Being dedicated to creating your niche As we draw to a conclusion, NOBODY CAN SOUND LIKE YOU, YOU CANT SOUND LIKE ANYONE! Just like how Rome wasn’t build in a day, You can’t sound like Celine Dion or Adele in a day. This is only achievable through constant rehearsals. Nobody is a bad singer from birth. You only become a bad singer when you don’t rehearse and you don’t prioritize singing as a part of your “craft”! This is also a mindset that needs to be realigned. We have come to the end of today’s conversation. I trust you are enlightened & would put to work what we discussed. Don’t forget Rome wasn’t built in a day & if they had tried to, it would have crashed. The more you Change & Develop your mindset, The Better you get! #MusicTraces

Join me MacNuel Davids same time next week for a more productive discussion with the theme “The Singers Instrument” #MusicTraces

DOWNLOAD Music: SaxEmmy – Gbo Ohun Feat. John Stunt

SaxEmmy in celebration of his birthday today 21/22/2017, he officially launched his new single titled “Gbo Ohun” Featuring John stunt.
Olatayo Emmanuel (SAXEMMY) a child of God & a minister of the Gospel of Christ(sax-mistrel) has put in so much dexterity and skills into this song with some mind blowing scales and vocals from John stunt.
SaxEmmy is the Living Faith Church Headquaters Head Horns Men, and he has performed on stage alongside Tope Alabi, Shola Allyson, Jerry Omole, Pst Kunle Ajayi etc..
 Gbo Ohun was Produced by Ozbibeatz(Osborne Adams)